chp63a I AM
chp63a I AM chp63a I AM chp63a I AM

chp63a I AM by Dinie Besems

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Design jewelry, chp63 I AM, brooch, Dinie Besems, stainless steel: In the age of ID controls, iris scans, security scans and body scans can your statement be simpler than just telling ‘I AM’? 

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Dinie Besems

Dinie Besems

Dinie Besems designs sculptural jewelry which has several interfaces with art, architecture and even food. She works as an independent designer in Amsterdam, with an unorthodox, conceptual approach to jewelry: 'Even though I never take the jewel itself as my starting point, my ideas always end up on the body, which is often the way it has to be with jewelry.' Her basis is the line, often incorporating a numerical methodology in which shapes can be repeated or enlarged.

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