chp21b Wedding Ring

chp21b Wedding Ring by Ted Noten


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An appealing alternative to the traditional wedding ring, cast into a square, crystal-clear perspex body. This variant has a tiny tube into which a piece of paper, bearing a personal message, can be inserted. 

Material: gold 585, plexiglass
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Ted Noten

Ted Noten

Ted Noten is a Dutch jewellery designer who constantly explores the boundaries of his profession. Once a bricklayer and a psychiatric nurse, he graduated from the Amsterdam Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1990 and started working on an oeuvre that has certainly influenced the contemporary jewellery field. Noten has participated in a number of exhibitions worldwide and a broad spectrum of galleries and museum collections now represent his oeuvre. Sawing up a Mercedes Benz car into brooches, sealing a little dead mouse wearing a tiny pearl necklace inside a block of acrylic: his work is never far from controversy. Still, Noten honours the specific qualities of jewellery design that centre around emotions, humour and small stories.
Ted Noten started his career in the early nineties when he worked as a soloist. Since 2005 he has been going by the name of Atelier Ted Noten, working with a regular group of contributors on bigger and smaller design projects, installations and commissions for a range of collectors, governments, and cultural institutions.


type pendant
detail gold 585, plexiglass
measurements L.33 x W.28 x H.7 mm
weight 11 grams
gender male/female
country of origin the Netherlands

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