chp44 Body Cloth
chp44 Body Cloth chp44 Body Cloth

chp44 Body Cloth by Brecht Duijf


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A silk, almost transparent scarf, silk screened with naked bodies concealing your body from tip to toe. Once worn as a shawl, only the different skin tones remain and maybe a buttock or an amputated hand or foot.

Material: silk
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Brecht Duijf

Brecht Duijf

Brecht Duijf graduated Cum Laude at MAN and WELLBEING at the Design Academy Eindhoven. 
Since 2006 she lives and works in Amsterdam. In 2013 she launches her clothing label 18-11-81 and her colour and materiality based company BELÉN (in collaboration with Lenneke Langenhuijsen).

type other
detail silk
measurements L.2000 x W.1250 x H.1.5 mm
weight 67 grams
gender male/female
country of origin the Netherlands

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