Dick van Hoff

Together making fire and slowly prepare your food, you pull the lamp wherever you need it, see where your hot water comes from. Understanding how a product works, self-act, the enjoyment of use. Vanhoffontwerpen embody universal values in products that already seem to exist for a long time. Functionality, quality and the relationship between user and product give the designs there strength. 

Vanhoffontwerpen keenly focus on how a product works, the intuitive movements of the user and the enjoyment of use. Functionality, quality and the relationship between the product and the user are of paramount importance. A chair will always sit well when it is Vanhoffontwerpen. Functionality is more important than aesthetics, but that does not mean form follows function. The designs are icons that capture your heart, often robust in shape, yet reflecting subtle detailing. 

Industrial tailoring provides an insightful manner of manufacture, where quality in workmanship and materials is paramount. The designs are made with love: Love of the product, the production process , the user and the purpose. 

Whether produced industrially or manually, the perfection and mastery are visible. Quality equals sustainability.

The products sometimes seem to allude to the past but are relevant precisely at this time. They are social products calling existing dogmas into question and offering new ways of experiencing daily routines.


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