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chp71 Clasped ID
NO LONGER FOR SALE  A passport is a tool. With a passport in our pocket, borders become perm..
Ex Tax: €2,334.71
chp70 Voice of Blue
NO LONGER FOR SALE  Voice of Blue is a contemporary interpretation of the locket as a holder..
Ex Tax: €3,512.40
chp69 My Own Show
NO LONGER FOR SALE  Hacked flashlights mounted on a golden radiating wire construction will ..
Ex Tax: €8,057.85
chp68 Diamond
NO LONGER FOR SALE  Cuttlefish, or actually cuttlebone, washes up at any beach all over the ..
Ex Tax: €1,012.40
chp67 Mirror Mirror
NO LONGER FOR SALE  A cut diamond reflects itself. But these five sharp and super thin round..
Ex Tax: €309.92
chp66 Plastics/Diamonds are forever
NO LONGER FOR SALE   The bracelet symbolises the identity of our time. Diamond and plas..
Ex Tax: €971.08
chp65 Index
NO LONGER FOR SALE  In Chinese history high ranked ladies wore eleborated finger jewelry to ..
Ex Tax: €2,024.79
chp61b Plastic Soup
Non-degradable plastics are poisoning our oceans, wildlife and our own health. Straws are among the ..
Ex Tax: €1,363.64
chp61a Plastic Soup
NO LONGER FOR SALE  Non-degradable plastics are poisoning our oceans, wildlife and our own h..
Ex Tax: €1,012.40
chp60 Hearring
NO LONGER FOR SALE  While putting my hand close to my cheek I hear the surrounding voices, s..
Ex Tax: €243.80
chp58 Square becomes a Butterfly
NO LONGER FOR SALE  A little gold square expands to a butterfly and vanishes into a jewel on..
Ex Tax: €5,165.29
chp54 Fladder
NO LONGER FOR SALE  Opening like a bird’s wing, these feathers cut from plastic sheet, injec..
Ex Tax: €309.92
chp53 Infinite Border
NO LONGER FOR SALE  Any shirt can be transformed into something special, by attaching a line..
Ex Tax: €4,338.84
chp48 Wedding Pills
NO LONGER FOR SALE  An alternative to traditional wedding rings, these Wedding Pills are mic..
Ex Tax: €4,008.27
chp47 Golden Nuggets
NO LONGER FOR SALE  A super-lightweight necklace composed of large 24-carat gold nuggets, qu..
Ex Tax: €3,305.79