chp70 Voice of Blue
chp70 Voice of Blue chp70 Voice of Blue

chp70 Voice of Blue by Natasja Boezem


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Voice of Blue is a contemporary interpretation of the locket as a holder and evoker of memories, which produces a personal sound when it is opened. Each owner can record his own sound (for example a voice whispering or laughter) and personalise this piece of jewellery, which can easily be taken wherever the wearer travels.

Material: silver gold-plated
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Natasja Boezem

Natasja Boezem

Natasja Boezem is a visual artist, born in Leerdam, the Netherlands in 1968
She studied Theatre design at the Akademie voor Beeldende Vorming, Tilburg and Fine Arts at Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam.
Apprenticeships at several opera's, amongst others: ‘The rake’s progress’ (Stravinsky), by David Hockney and John Cox. Opera of Monte Carlo, Monaco. (Collaboration with Covent Garden Opera House, London).
In 2003 she got nominated for the Orange Award and the 2003 Prix de Rome, art and public.
After completing her studies, Natasja Boezem worked as a theatre designer for five years, mainly for contemporary music theatre productions (a.o. for Xenakis).  
Most of her autonomous works thus far were made for public space. The relationship between the work of art and its context, the surroundings, plays a major part in this. The surroundings also serve as a material. She often works with sound: she chose this medium for its immateriality and because it invokes an image in the observer’s head; it appeals to the imagination. She has realised various extensive sound-projects.
Works of Natasja Boezem were, amongst others, also included in exhibitions at museum GEM in The Hague, at the World Expo in Shanghai, in Bordeaux and Le Havre (in public space), and at the international photo event Metropolis, Noorderlicht. 

type necklace
detail silver gold-plated
measurements L.68 x W.52 x H.29 mm
weight 85 grams
gender male/female
country of origin the Netherlands

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