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chp05 Strip
A simple strip of silver, complete with hallmark. It presents a dilemma: are you brave enough t..
€595.00 €446.25
Ex Tax: €368.80
chp02 Orgone
The same slicing technique as with the ‘Orgone’ ring, becoming more prominent at a larger scale. ..
€1,175.00 €881.25
Ex Tax: €728.31
chp08 Circle in Circle
The first version of this bracelet, in clear perspex, dates back to 1967. The design is based on a c..
Ex Tax: €318.18
chp17 Trinity
Three items – necklace, bracelet and ring – form a witty trinity. They are designed as a set, but ea..
Ex Tax: €1,115.70
chp23b Little Mat
A loosely woven mat of prefabricated silver chains which elegantly drapes over the hand. Final arran..
Ex Tax: €491.74
chp61b Plastic Soup
Non-degradable plastics are poisoning our oceans, wildlife and our own health. Straws are among the ..
Ex Tax: €1,363.64
chp62 Global bracelet
The design of this bracelet, cut in two parts, stretched and welded together, symbolises the globe. ..
€250.00 €225.00
Ex Tax: €185.95
chp73 Porsche
New iteration of the original Porsche bracelet, now fully 3D printed with a beautiful black chrome f..
Ex Tax: €764.46
chp75 NuJade
The bracelet is made from e-waste; in colour and appearance it mimics the traditional Chinese jade b..
Ex Tax: €557.85