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chp09 Otto millimetri d'amore
‘Eight Millimetres of Love’ is a humorous comment on that notorious symbol of love, the heart. This ..
Ex Tax: €278.93
chp10 Moonwalk
This diaphanous jewel made of soft, transparent PVC cites a pop song. Worn on the body, the jewel be..
Ex Tax: €45.45
chp17 Trinity
Three items – necklace, bracelet and ring – form a witty trinity. They are designed as a set, but ea..
Ex Tax: €1,115.70
chp18 Sediment
A silver necklace dipped in black paint. When worn, the paint gradually wears off, revealing the tra..
Ex Tax: €268.60
chp20 Circles
A feminine, elegant bracelet consisting of a whirl of circles in various thicknesses. It can also be..
Ex Tax: €516.53
chp23a Little Mat
A loosely woven mat of prefabricated silver chains which elegantly drapes over the shoulders. Final ..
Ex Tax: €2,438.02
chp24 Bling Bling
Seven wafer-thin layers of overlapping logos, representing our new religion and passion: shopping. ..
Ex Tax: €289.26
chp25 Nosé
Whether worn as a necklace or on the face, this comedy nose has a special effect on everyone in the ..
Ex Tax: €929.75
chp29 Black Widow
A common symbol, the black spider, is transformed here into a lush, fashionable jewel. ..
Ex Tax: €409.09
chp37 Friend or Foe
A necklace in the form of a tape measure expressing a human being’s relationship with other fellow h..
Ex Tax: €144.63
chp39 Heartbreak
Love is fragile. The porcelain heart can be struck and easily damaged by the little titanium hammer,..
Ex Tax: €971.08
chp40 Wishbone
A tool for a new and personal friendship ritual, the porcelain wishbone pendant can be broken, toget..
Ex Tax: €53.72
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chp41 Bound by Blood
A chain of prayer beads is not a jewel. But by intertwining the chains of Catholics, Muslims and Bud..
Ex Tax: €351.24
chp42 Winter jewellery
Is this a silver chain, a knitted shawl or the beginnings of a sweater? This soft chain refers to kn..
Ex Tax: €351.24
chp45 Bone Structures
A set of bone shaped leather parts connected by magnets. Create your own bone structure around your ..
Ex Tax: €619.84