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chp30 Steps
NO LONGER FOR SALE  A playful brooch or earring with a flexible folding mechanism, which bec..
Ex Tax: €1,446.28
chp32 My Precious
NO LONGER FOR SALE  A classic-looking signet ring with a concealed image revealing itself on..
Ex Tax: €454.55
chp34 Big Pearl
NO LONGER FOR SALE  Just as our imagination magnifies things we perceive as important, ‘Big ..
Ex Tax: €454.55
chp35a Abschiedsfest
NO LONGER FOR SALE  A mourning ring to celebrate death. The porcelain skull is worn near the..
Ex Tax: €144.63
chp36 Earth
NO LONGER FOR SALE  Hidden inside the nylon sphere, is a container for earth from a signific..
Ex Tax: €392.56
chp38 Peace
A streetwise ring with two fingers making the peace sign, placed like an ornament right on the finge..
Ex Tax: €491.74
chp46 Embrace
NO LONGER FOR SALE  This stainless steel set of rings offers the choice of wearing them both..
Ex Tax: €409.09
chp50 You can't have it all
Three traditional types of rings are matched to fit all sizes, so no one will have to worry about ma..
Ex Tax: €289.26
chp52 Furry Thing
NO LONGER FOR SALE  A plastic organic volume flocked with artificial fur becomes your little..
Ex Tax: €392.56
chp60 Hearring
NO LONGER FOR SALE  While putting my hand close to my cheek I hear the surrounding voices, s..
Ex Tax: €243.80
chp65 Index
NO LONGER FOR SALE  In Chinese history high ranked ladies wore eleborated finger jewelry to ..
Ex Tax: €2,024.79
chp68 Diamond
NO LONGER FOR SALE  Cuttlefish, or actually cuttlebone, washes up at any beach all over the ..
Ex Tax: €1,012.40