Matijs Korpershoek

Matijs Korpershoek was born and raised in Leeuwarden in The Netherlands. Child of professional (classical) musicians and great-grand child of Gerrit Th. Rietveld.

Matijs graduated Cum Laude under Gijs Bakker (founder Droog Design) at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
His two final-year projects (1996) - a 'Magnetic Case' and promotional articles - received the Dutch Furniture Award and the Talent Trophy at the Annual Advertising Awards (Art Directors Club Nederland).
Matijs joined the famous Droog Design label in it's glory years in 1996. He did some great projects with Droog, e.g. the 010101 exhibition in MOMA San Francisco, USA.
One of Matijs'favorite design-related „hobbies” is Computer-generated imagery (CGI) in which he has already 14 years of experience.

Matijs has a great eye for the smallest detail without losing sight of the big picture. He loves to tackle problems and likes to help you gain a clear view. He likes to see things simple, and believes that most problems are not there to be solved but to be avoid. Matijs is not afraid to be clear.

Humor, modesty, honesty and sincerity, passion for beautiful things, people, language and music are keywords for his character, life and his multidisciplinair designworks.

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