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chp75 NuJade
The bracelet is made from e-waste; in colour and appearance it mimics the traditional Chinese jade b..
Ex Tax: €557.85
chp73 Porsche
New iteration of the original Porsche bracelet, now fully 3D printed with a beautiful black chrome f..
Ex Tax: €764.46
chp72 Flower
Minale-Maeda's Flower is an encrypted 3D file which you buy, download and print here: https://www.ma..
Ex Tax: €20.66
chp64 iMonocle
We tend to watch the world, nature and our fellow people increasingly with the help of digital camer..
Ex Tax: €1,136.36
chp63a I AM
Design jewelry, chp63 I AM, brooch, Dinie Besems, stainless steel: In the age of ID controls, iris s..
Ex Tax: €80.58
chp62 Global bracelet
The design of this bracelet, cut in two parts, stretched and welded together, symbolises the globe. ..
Ex Tax: €206.61
chp59 See Me
A random arrangement of silver ready made elements frame the mirror of a doll's house. ..
Ex Tax: €619.84
chp52 Furry Thing
A plastic organic volume flocked with artificial fur becomes your little pet. ..
Ex Tax: €392.56
chp50 You can't have it all
Three traditional types of rings are matched to fit all sizes, so no one will have to worry about ma..
Ex Tax: €289.26
chp46 Embrace
This stainless steel set of rings offers the choice of wearing them both 'embraced' around your fing..
Ex Tax: €409.09
chp44 Body Cloth
A silk, almost transparent scarf, silk screened with naked bodies concealing your body from tip to t..
Ex Tax: €289.26
chp42 Winter jewellery
Is this a silver chain, a knitted shawl or the beginnings of a sweater? This soft chain refers to kn..
Ex Tax: €351.24
chp41 Bound by Blood
A chain of prayer beads is not a jewel. But by intertwining the chains of Catholics, Muslims and Bud..
Ex Tax: €351.24
chp40 Wishbone
A tool for a new and personal friendship ritual, the porcelain wishbone pendant can be broken, toget..
Ex Tax: €53.72
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chp36 Earth
Hidden inside the nylon sphere, is a container for earth from a significant place to deepen our bond..
Ex Tax: €392.56