chp72 Flower
chp72 Flower chp72 Flower

chp72 Flower by MinaleMaeda

3D file

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Minale-Maeda's Flower is an encrypted 3D file which you buy, download and print here: The designers pre-defined the printer, material, color and dimensions of the final product. Fill in your details, grow the seed and see which variation is yours for now. Ordering your Flower at a different time or place will make the orchid change its shape. The Flower is developed as part of the Make it chp…? project. After downloading your 3D file, you can print your Flower directly through this link:, or send your file to a friend so she or he can have it printed themselves. 

Please grow your seed in the Growstation below and then return here to purchase your flower.

As soon as your flower grows the "Add to Cart" button will magicaly appear here.

Return later to allow your flower time to grow.

Material: SLS
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