chp57 Merging Bodies
chp57 Merging Bodies chp57 Merging Bodies chp57 Merging Bodies chp57 Merging Bodies

chp57 Merging Bodies by Philipp Käfer


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Traditional beads, made of silicone, merging with the wearers' body when worn.

Material: silicone


* color:
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Philipp Käfer

Philipp Käfer

Philipp Käfer was born in Neuburg an der Donau, in Bavaria, Germany. Between 2002 and 2008, he studied integrated product design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Coburg, graduating with a diploma (Dipl-Designer FH). In 2008, Philipp worked at Blue Sky Design Group in Sydney, Australia as an intern, focusing mainly on concepts for affordable housing for indigenous Australians in remote areas. In 2009, he moved to Amsterdam and began a design internship for Gijs Bakker, where he ultimately landed a freelance design position. In this period Käfer did not only work for Bakker but also for Joris Laarman, where he built prototypes and gallery pieces.
In 2011, Käfer decided to become a Wahlberliner (a German word for choosing to move and live in Berlin) where he worked inter alia for ‘Vorschub’, a prototyping workshop for art and Design or as a freelance designer at Hella Jongerius’s studio. Since 2013 Philippp Käfer focuses on experimental and material-driven furniture, lighting, and product designs and works both on individual as well as freelance projects and gives lectures in various Universities.

type necklace
detail silicone
measurements L.290 x W.38 x H.38 mm
weight 280 grams
gender female
country of origin Germany

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